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s.Lee + OLiViA
Jun 5 '12
May 17 '12

this is a dog riding a bike.

May 16 '12

For posterity, posting the fascinating, much talked about article, Can you call a 9-year-old a psychopath? — and my favorite comment.

I would suggest that this child is possessed by a demon. And I don’t state this out of ignorance, as I am professor in a western University. The signs and symptoms are all there. There have been many cases like this that have been documented. Of course to the western rational mild this is pure poppycock. But this child’s condition will not be alleviated until the true causes are recognized and dealt with. This is a spiritual problem that needs spiritual intervention from an experienced priest, Catholic or Orthodox, traditions which recognize this condition and have a 2000 year history dealing with it. The answers will not be found in science as his condition will worsen and never go away. Such arrogance in the scientific community and the scientific mindset will keep this poor soul tormented. Amazing that someone that reads the times daily could suggest something so outside the western mind?

Perry, NC

May 9 '12

I am going to cave into modern medicine and get my hepatitis vaccine tomorrow. For everything else, I am still relying on herd immunity so if you have meningitis, please don’t come near me.

May 9 '12
May 7 '12
May 4 '12

Louis CK & Marc Maron


Louis CK & Marc Maron

May 4 '12

Friday talk

  • Stephanie: what is one crazy addition
  • you would put in your home
  • me: oh BEST conversation topic
  • Stephanie: bocce court
  • squash court
  • planetarium
  • greenhouse
  • those are prob my top 4
  • trampoline room
  • like whole room is a trampoline
  • me: omg omg omg
  • head is exploding
  • Stephanie: hahahaha
  • me: if i have kids i want like, a discovery zone type place
  • Stephanie: oh totally
  • just leave them there
  • me: like a really decked out game room with a ball pit, etc.
  • Stephanie: for like hours
  • me: a robot mother on a screen supervises them
  • Stephanie: haahahha
  • me: for myself i'd want an indoor pool/tennis court/movie theater
  • but thsoe are so boring...
  • Stephanie: yeah i mean
  • those are stuff that you will actually have.
  • me: right right
  • i don't even know if i have the imaginative capacity to come up with all of the shit i would REALLY want
Apr 30 '12
Apr 24 '12
Apr 22 '12

Korean Uzbeki dunch

this is that face i make when i say things, apparently


Korean Uzbeki dunch

this is that face i make when i say things, apparently

Apr 20 '12
Apr 20 '12
Apr 19 '12
Apr 18 '12